“No Gulf Of Mexico” by Rick London Sung To James Taylor’s “Mexico”

There’s No Gulf Of Mexico” by Rick London c2010 Sung to James Taylor’s “Mexico”

Dedicated to my wife Lee Hiller-London

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BP’s spilled oil gave us reason to move,
With a safety record oh so lame,
Lose your home, leave your business behind, its ashamed

Oh, Gulf Of Mexico

Life is so simple till Deep Horizon blows,

Now all the living creatures are gone,No way to bring them back now.

It’s enough to make a grown man cry,
No wonder Tony Hayward was fired,
The rig continues to shoot fire.

There’s no Gulf Of Mexico,
The fragile waters took a mighty blow,
BP says they’ll make everything right,
As they explore bankruptcy and a quick flight.

The days of Gulf Beaches are all foregone,
On every inch of water oil’s strewn,
Patrolling is BP and The Coast Guard.

Not letting us on the Gulf Of Mexico,
Been there most my life so I really do know,
There’s no, Gulf Of Mexico,
Even if the tide reaches high or low.

No Gulf Of Mexico
I know for sure I want BP to go,
No Gulf Of Mexico,
I guess I’ll have to go now


Rick London is a parody songwriter, designer, writer and cartoonist. He founded Londons Times Cartoons in 1997. They have been Google’s #1 ranked offbeat cartoon since 2005 and MSN’s #1 ranked since 2008. He founded the world’s only famous love quote shoes,  ShoesThat Amuse, and owns several #1 ranked offbeat cartoon merchandise shops includingThe Rick London Collection. His stores feature approximately 100,000 products. He is auditioning bands/musicians to record his parody songs. Londons half will benefit Gulf Coast Causes (he is a native) and for the band that is an option. It will not reflect whether they are hired or not. Send video, audio or link to info@LondonsTimes.us. Thanks


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One Response to ““No Gulf Of Mexico” by Rick London Sung To James Taylor’s “Mexico””

  1. Lee Hiller Says:

    Beautifully written painful reminder of how we have all lost so much so a corporation could save a few $$$ Thank You baby for this lovely reminder of the war in the Gulf.

    I Love You Baby! Love Your Wife Lee xx00xx

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