Small People (The BP Song) C2010 by Rick London

 Small People Got Nobody (The BP Song)
by Rick London C2010 to the tune of
Randy Newman's “Short People”

                                                  For My Wife Lee Hiller-London

  We got oily hands & birds that can't fly, 
 All from BP's (Big People) press release of lies,
  Some beaches still clean but its a nightmare underneath
 Who knows the disease lurking at 5000 feet.

 Well, BP (Big People) loves their small people,
        Creates escrows for small people, 
         Just when we thought BP had no more bull, 
                       They say the coast is clear.

      On Facebook all BP has no feedback, just replies, 
              They won't tell us Louisiana oyster beds are dry,
  We from the Gulf know they care not if we live or die, 
          It's not our parent's world.

    We're small people just worker bees, 
                       Help us God above. 

     There's a few crab legs left but taste like petrol, 
  By the end of this no tellin' how much BP 'll owe, 
 Be sure to lawyer up and don't fall asleep
      Hayward wants his life back, what a nasty little creep.
 They try to bar us from our beaches; have they lost
their minds?
  I think all the execs outta be servin' Parchman
 Prison time.

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Rick London was born and raised on the Ms. Gulf Coast. He created this cartoon and manufactured it on about 40 gifts and collectibles, tees, mugs, etc. 10% of all sales benefit The Audobon Society and WWF to help what London says "Heal and salvage what wildlife remains on our precious Gulf that BP whose lives B.P. recklessly destroyed."

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3 Responses to “Small People (The BP Song) C2010 by Rick London”

  1. Lee Hiller Says:

    Thank You Baby! Anyone who understand the Swedish education system knows ENGLISH is taught ages 12-16 … On Wednesday, BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg told reporters in Washington: “I hear comments sometimes that large oil companies are greedy companies or don’t care, but that is not the case with BP. We care about the small people.”

    He knew exactly what he was saying…

    Love Your Wife Lee xx00xx

  2. Jeannine Says:

    He needs to weave the federal government into his song also. We’re finding out now that they purposely downplayed the whole thing so they wouldn’t have to spend so much money on cleanup. Maybe they’re in BP’s pocket???

    • ricklondonmusic Says:

      You make a very good point Jeanine. Sadly its not just BP but BP seem to be the biggest culprits of “wallet lobbying”. The government has been in big oil’s pockets since the 1920s. I doubt it is going to change but it took the Gulf
      Disaster for us to discover it. Obama was dismal. I know one thing Clinton and possibly even GW Bush (Nahh Bush was WAY too deep with big oil), but Clinton would have damned the torpedoes, taken BP OFF the project after it failed,
      moved the military in to cap it or blow it up, and never let BP back in the country (and think about the consequences later because like him or hate him that IS the way he was/is). Appreciate your pointing that out. Might do a rewrite.
      Sincerely, Rick London

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