“Alfred Hitchcock Presents” by Rick London c2008 To Tune Of “Sound Of Silence”


Dedicated to my DF Lee Hiller


In the darkness of my family den,
I was maybe no more than age ten.
Sunday night tv was slightly creepy,
Only one show as good as Rod Serling’s.
Television images that remain in my brain,
Bodily remains,
It was “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”

Unsolved murders and stalked damsels home alone,
Cemeteries showing bones, ,
Murder weapons that were legs of lamb,
Fatal seductions done by lovely vamps.
And in one Jimmy Stewart lost his balance due to fear of heights,
Marlene Deitrich seduced us in “Stagefright”.
And then Sunday’s “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

In “The Birds” we saw sharp claws,
Tippi Hedrin was at such a loss,
And Jon Finch kept us in a “Frenzy” with loud barroom speaking,
But it was Bob Rusk bringing the mayhem.
In “North By Northwest” Cary Grant didn’t stand a prayer,
Did Eva Marie Saint care?
Then Sunday nights Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

In “To Catch A Thief” Grace Kelly did not know,
A few years later she’d be on the throne,
In “Torn Curtain” Julie Andrews was no peach,
Paul Newman felt he had much to teach,
In “Psycho” Norman Bates held the knife while Mother’s shower rained,
Hotel Bates they owned,
Then on Sundays Alfred Hitchock Presents.

In “Rear Window” Jimmy Stewart’s eyes on Grace Kelly lay
She was afraid,
In “Dial M For Murder” Ray Milland shows with no warning,
Grace Kelly inside while it was storming.
In “I Confess” behind the sacred curtains Montgomery Clift falls,
Where Anne Baxter crawls,
Then Sunday night “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”


Rick London is a writer and entrepreneur. He is founder of Londons Times Cartoons, the #1 Google-ranked offbeat cartoon since 2005.  He founded Shoes That Amuse, the world’s only famous love quote shoes.  He owns several funny gifts shops which feature his cartoons on funny merchandise. He is co-founder of SEO firm PenAndInkInc along with his fiance’, Lee Hiller who is also the love columnist of Herald de Paris. London lives in the Ouichata Mountains of Arkansas.

One Response to ““Alfred Hitchcock Presents” by Rick London c2008 To Tune Of “Sound Of Silence””

  1. Lee Hiller Says:

    My Dearest DF Rick,

    Oh Baby another masterpiece I love this parody and I am so glad we are both Hitchcock fans :o) Sang it twice cause it’s so much fun.

    Love, Your DF Lee

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