Cartoonist Rick London Writes Beatles Parody Song “Diversity” To “Yesterday”

Yesterday” by The Beatles (Song Parody by Rick London. c2008) “Diversity”

beatles fine fine fine 9999999

Once other races seemed so far away,
Now together we work, socialize, and pray,
Oh the richness of diversity,

Bigotry,  Is for the ignorant who grins with glee,
We’re a land of white, black, Jew, Gentile, Moslem, Irish, French and Portuguese,
Diversity, is here for free,

Must evolve, if not, will stay the same,
You’ll regret,
beatles album cover micheleHaving no swan song ’till you opt for diversity.
Regardless of one’s creed or race,
You may live a closed mind cabaret,
But you’ll long for diversity.

Every creed,
Every creed in the military, has risked its life for diversity,
Once misled,
I felt something wrong, it was that I longed for diversity.

All your hatred seems to drop away,
It’s a never-ending love buffet,
Oh, I believe in diversity.

In addition to being a songwriter, London is founder of Google’s #1-ranked offbeat cartoon Londons Times & numerous funny gift shops including The Rick London Collection.


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One Response to “Cartoonist Rick London Writes Beatles Parody Song “Diversity” To “Yesterday””

  1. Lee Hiller Says:

    My Dearest DF (Darling Fiance) Rick,
    As always Baby you have hit another Parody out of the Ball Park… With all the songs you have done I hope you post another one soon. I love singing along.

    What you need is a musician so we can hear this on the Dr. Demento Show!

    Love You
    Your DF Lee xx00xx
    Love Columnist Herald de Paris

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